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3D views available at my online store

Shipped to your door

Each piece custom designed

Made in Canada

Maple Rocks Leggings

A single maple leaf on rocks for a truly Canadian feel.

Maple Leaf Leggings

A red maple leaf on your calf with blurred water for a completely unique deisgn.

Make a Wish Leggings

Designed from fireworks, the image wraps around your legs.

Grafitti Blend Leggings

Designed from graffiti alley, these one of a kind leggings are show stoppers.

Graffiti Blend Leggings

Paint on brick create patterns that wrap your legs for a unique look.

Zebra Stripe Leggings

Right from the back of a zebra, this design flatters your legs with vertical stripes.

Butterfly Wing Makeup Bag

A macro of a Blue Morph butterfly wing creates an iridescent design. Denim lined with an inside pocket and a heavy zipper. Available in 2 sizes.

Maple Leaf Makeup Bag

A floating maple leaf for a simple Canadian design. Denim lined with an inside pocket and a heavy zipper. Available in 2 sizes.

Whispering Trees Makeup Bag

This design is created using intentional carma movement.  Denim lined with an inside pocket and heavy zipper. available in 2 sizes. 

Make a Wish Scarf

Fireworks to wrap around yourself.

4 sizes available.

Maple Rocks Scarf

Grey rocks with a splash of red.

4 sizes available.

Maple Leaf Day Tote

Double printed with birches interior and adjustable strap.

Make a Wish Tank

A splash of collur front and back to take you from the office to out on the town.

Make a Wish Skirt

Designed to match with the tank and scarf, this skirt falls at the knee.

Wolf Lined Urban Tote

Brighten up any day with this high quality tote with magnetic closure, interior pockets and zippered pocket. 

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