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Explore the world of digital photography through hands-on workshops while becoming more comfortable with your camera and learning how to create unique images.

Partnering with Photo Tour Trekkers, I offer a variety of  hands-on workshops in small groups, camera clubs and youth groups.

Photography 101

A hands-on course designed to help you better understand how to use your DSLR or mirrorless camera and help you get consistently good photos. Photography fundamentals are covered including what aperture is, how ISO affects photos and how shutter speed works, plus how the three are related when it comes to exposure.  Learn tips for how and when to use flash and how white balance affects images. You will also find out about basic composition to create more appealing photos. Make sure to bring your manual!

  • Using Manual Modes to adjust aperture, shutter speed and ISO
  • Focusing
  • What is RAW?
  • Carrying and stabilizing your camera
  • Working with Flash
  • Thinking creatively and changing your point of view
  • Workstations to practice with your camera with help from the instructor


NEW DATES coming soon.  Outdoor sessions available!


Youth Photography (Level 1)

A course designed with youth in mind, you will learn photography basics including equipment, lighting, composition and editing.  Learn when to use a flash, what makes a great black & white photo and tips for great selfies. Use any camera as a tool to express yourself as a form of art and increase your confidence behind the lens. Help with deciding how and where to store your photos so that you can easily find them later. See the power of photo editing software that professionals use and what is available for beginners.

  • Photography basics
  • Lighting
  • Capture images that are your style
  • Photo organization and storage
  • How quick edits improve photos
  • Hands-on time with instructor

Photographing Artwork & Products

Designed to help business owners and artists take better photos that promote their products using even a cell phone.

  • Take quality images for print, social media and websites.
  • Basics on using props in your photos.
  • Learn how lighting can elevate your products even on a budget.
  • When should you call on a professional?

Macro Class

This 3-hour workshop will discuss the basics of close-up photography to give you the understanding of how macro lenses work and provide tips and tricks to improve your images.  The majority of the class is spent practicing with creative subjects including water drops, refraction and reflections, light boxes, plus more to produce fine art and abstract images.

It is recommended that you have a macro lens or extension tubes and tripod to get the most out of this class. Handouts are provided and class size in limited.

Long Exposure and Night Photography

Have fun while learning how lighting and motion affect your image in this workshop. A quick review of the basics is followed by subjects such as burning circles, sparklers, light painting and using neutral density filters. This workshop can be customized to your outdoor location of choice.

Black and White Photography

See the World differently after taking this class – in Black and White!  Learn how to make dramatic images with theory, tips & tricks, equipment and post-processing essentials. This class has a presentation component as well as an indoor or outdoor shooting component.  A handout is included with this 2-hour workshop.


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